August 18, 2017

Giving people something else to look at, instead of my disability


photoshoot4bMy wheelchair currently has 2 sets of wheels rear which are just the standard sets but modified. I would love to have some fully custom wheels made for the front and the rear but I’m yet to find someone willing to make some. So that I had a spare set of rear wheels Better Mobility supplied me with a 2nd set, allowing me to still use the wheelchair while work is done on the other set. Originally I wanted a 2nd set due to the fact the original set are NHS wheels, but it was decided I could modify them if they were returned to standard when returned.

The 1st set were modified by John Bee Ltd in Sheffield and have been sprayed Pure White and then red OZ Racing adding. They have then been clear coated to keep their shine. The 2nd set of wheels have been sent to Smart Art in Rotherham and they are coming up with some sort of funky colour.


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