August 18, 2017

Giving people something else to look at, instead of my disability

NOS Purge System

Whelchair NOSFor years since I started modifying the wheelchair I’ve had people ask me “You going to fit NOS?” and even after explaining it is battery powered they never seemed to understand. So after hearing enough f it I decided to try fit a fake NOS Bottle. I looked around and tried to find a company in the UK that could supply one, which is where I found Powerhouse Automotive.

I emailed them asking if they had any empty bottles and instantly received a reply asking “instead of a fake bottle why don’t we fit a NOS Purge Kit”. After doing a quick Google to find out exactly what one was I thought that would be amazing, so we arranged for me to drop the chair off for them to work their magic. After picking their chair back up I was amazed how cool it looks and when I go to shows it really makes the chair stand out. To activate the purge Lawson from Powerhouse also fitted a wireless remote to allow me to stand back for when people want to take pictures.image1

Since Powerhouse Automotive Ltd have fitted the kit I have visited Wizards Of NOS who actually make the system. They upgraded the kit to a 5lb bottle and built purpose built burst pipe mounts which can easily be adjusted. To keep prices down carbon dioxide is used instead of NOS with allows me to use the purge more freely without worrying I’m wasting too much.

Many people worry about the safety of using nitrous on a wheelchair in public so CLINK HERE for safety advice from the guys at Wizards Of NOS

link_powerhouseautomotive link_wizardsofnos

Please note this is not a sponsor of the project

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