August 18, 2017

Giving people something else to look at, instead of my disability

Lowrider System

For the CareCo Mobility Scooter I wanted to think of something different to make it stand out from the wheelchair. This is where the idea of a lowrider Mobility scooter came into mind.

The 1st problem was finding a system that wouldn’t weigh too much but still be strong enough for daily use. After a search on Google I found linear actuators and thought they’d work perfect. So I contacted Firgelli Automations to see if they had anything that would do the job. They kindly offered to send me a set of 4¬†FA-150-S-12-3 Linear actuators (12v, 20160626_142310_001150 lb with 3inch stroke).

To fit them I spoke to Jonathan from Cherry Upholstery and he said he’d have a go. He then managed to figure out a way to get each wheel to move up/down independently. To get 12v to the chassis (as the scooter uses 24v) Jonathan created some extra battery connections under the battery.

The scooter can now lift 1 wheel up off the ground by about 1ft and is still stable to be sat in the seat while doing so.




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