August 18, 2017

Giving people something else to look at, instead of my disability

 Custom Seat

12822105_1287773194571231_430559186_nTo say wheelchairs are designed to be sat in regular, they aren’t the comfiest of things to sit on and if you tell the NHS they just add another cushion. So I decided to find an upholsterer who could design me some custom cushions based on¬† a car seat for extra comfort. Luckily I found a local upholsterer called Cherry Upholstery in Stocksbridge, Sheffield, so I contacted him to see if he could come up with something.

This is what he came up with and it looks amazing. Not only that but it is 10x comfier than the original cushion and the blue lines light up using EL wire supplied by EL Wire Craft. The skull has been embroidered by Cherry Upholstery too to add a little detail to it.


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