August 18, 2017

Giving people something else to look at, instead of my disability

Shows/Meets Coming Up


On display at Yorkshire Modified Show 2015

Below are a list of shows I plan on displaying at in the up and coming months. My attendance totally depends on my health so if I miss one I apologise but will try get to the next show. If you are a show organiser and would like me to display please feel free to contact me.

Yorkshire Modified Show – 19th June

Last year I was invited to display my wheelchair at Yorkshire Modified Show and the response from the public was amazing. The wheelchair also won an award for “Most Unique Modification” which really showed that the public love the wheelchair. This year I will also be displaying my new CareCo Mobility Scooter and I have my own Display Stand to ensure I have enough room.


On display at Modified Nationals 2015 alongside JL Audio & Oxford Car Audio

Lowedges Gigantic Festival – 19th August

Lowedges Festival is a local festival so I decided to give it a go in 2015. The weather was perfect and the organisers placed me with the classic cars as I love classic cars. The public loved the wheelchair and I collected quiet a bit at this show. I have been invited to go again to display but this time I will have my new scooter too to add to the display.

German VS Japanese Car Show – 28th-29th August

After displaying at the previous German vs Japanese Car Show the organisers contact me to say thank you for displaying at their 1st show. They then invited me to display at the 2016 show but this time it would be a 2day show. The show is held at the Claydon Estate Showfield in Buckinghamshire on the 28th to 29th August.

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