August 18, 2017

Giving people something else to look at, instead of my disability

Body Panels

Body Panels 1I have started building some custom side panels for the wheelchair which will house the speakers, some lighting and I wanted some sort of wheel arch. The 1st problem was working out what material would be best as it needs to be strong, flexible and easy to shape. After a long hard think I decided to use 1mm styrene sheet as it is everything I need.

Luckily 4D Modelshop offered to supply me with some large sheets along with all the glue and tools I would need to shape it. I used cardboard 1st to get the shape I wanted and then carefully cut it out. Unfortunately I struggled to get an even curve for the wheel arch so 4D Modelshop came to the rescue again and offered to cut the arch shape using their laser cutter.

20160528_205704This is how it is currently looking but I will soon get it finished and then I need to decide on a colour, as all I’ve decided is that they will be plasti-dipped. If you have any suggestions for the colour scheme feel free to message me.


Supplied the project with styrene sheet, glue & tools to make the custom side panels

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