August 18, 2017

Giving people something else to look at, instead of my disability

ICELED Underglow Kit


The 1st mod I wanted to do to the chair was to add some sort of lighting, so I contacted a local company called Source Sounds who fitted a single light to the rear. I emailed around to see if I could find anymore lighting which would fit and the guys at ICELED emailed back to say give them a week and they will see what they can do. I week later I received a box with x4 1ft tubes and a UFO controller which controls all the lighting, Since then I have now extended by adding more light sources.

UFO patterns can be made to react to music via a built-in microphone or line-level input or can be left to run without any audio input at all. The colours used in each pattern can be restricted to those held in user-defined palettes to create specific colour-coordinated displays or may be chosen from other ranges – including an Audio Frequency Spectrum Analyser that provides colours reflecting the frequency content of any audio source.photoshoot1



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