August 18, 2017

Giving people something else to look at, instead of my disability

In The Media

The wheelchair has been in the media quiet a bit and I am always willing to answer any questions anyone may have. If you would like to interview me about the wheelchair feel free to contact me.

speeddeamonsfundraiser“Campaign to get Heeley woman Tina back on her wheels after flat fire” – 25th February 2016

I decided to try and raise some money to buy Tina a new mobility scooter after she lost everything in a fire. In January 2016 someone tried to steal her scooter and somehow set her flat on fire with her inside. I successfully raised £230 which Tina used to pay the deposit for a scooter from Motability.

“Pimp It Up” – 7th August 2015

After collecting for Arthritis Care for the past year they contacted me about doing a small piece in their “Inspire Magazine”. So I gace them a small description of the wheelchair and sent them some photos to use.

“Dying With Style” – 16th July 2015

Dying with style is a website run by a lady from America who likes to dance everywhere she goes to make life more fun. She asked if she could write a piece about the wheelchair and I happily agreed as she loves the wheelchair so much. Since seeing my Pimped Wheelchair she has decided to fit an ICELED kit to her new wheelchair when she gets one.

“My Story – How I Modified My Wheelchair” – 3rd June 2015

Able Magazine is an online lifestyle magazine for disabled people sharing peoples stories and experiences. They contacted me and asked me to write a small piece telling the story of my wheelchair.

fastcar“Whacky Wheelchair” – November 2014

Fast Car Magazine did an article about the wheelchair along with photos taken by Gary McDaid Photography explaining what has been done to the wheelchair so far along with some of the future plans. Click here for the full story

“Wheelchair Theft Dismay” – 7th March 2009

3 young kids no older than 10 stole my wheelchair one night when I was rushed to hospital and my wheelchair left outside my sisters.
One we found people from the area were searching everywhere. Once found we it was obvious that lots of damage was done, luckily members of Sheffield Forum did a collection and raised money to get it back to its original state. Click here for the full story from The Star Newspaper

“Speed Deamon’s Fund-raiser” – 15th June 2008

I took my wheelchair to York Drag-strip to see what times it could do the 1/8mile. To raise money for Stocksbridge Youth Centre I gave people the chance to guess what time it could do it in. Click here for the full story from Look Local Newspaper

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