June 24, 2018

Giving people something else to look at, instead of my disability

Welcome To Pimp My Wheelchair


My Name is Danny, I’m from Sheffield and ever since I were born I’ve suffered with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis, meaning I use a wheelchair to get around. As a young person in a wheelchair you find people tend to stare more and especially with me having Arthritis as it isn’t totally clear that I’m disabled. Due to this I decided to modify the wheelchair to give people something to stare at by visiting Source Sounds who supplied me with my first ICELED product, a ICELED Gem. After that I was addicted and wanted more, what started out as just a single light underneath has exploded into a fully custom under-glow kit, a nitrous oxide purge system, customised wheels, solar panel, alarm system & working sound system.

image1Now the wheelchair really stands out I take it to car shows around the UK and display it for all to see. While the wheelchair is on display I collect donations for charity and I try an raise as much as I can £130 in 2015 for Arthritis Care. The idea is to show people that wheelchairs do not have to be boring and it is possible to let your imagination run wild. At shows I answer anyone’s questions and I advertise the various companies that have helped me.

To expand the project CareCo have now given me a brand new CareCo Zoom mobility scooter for me to do anything I would like to. Having a 2nd mobility aid means that while my wheelchair is on display I still have a way of getting round shows. Just because it won’t be on display doesn’t mean it is staying standard though as it already has custom paint job, 7inch LED light bar & soon a system to imitate air suspension.

If you have any questions or would like to modify your own wheelchair please feel free to contact me using the Contact Me form on the left menu. Also please do not forget to click the Facebook “Like” button on the right.


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